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crazy little fairy ..
how little do you know
when the leaves fall down
like white frozen snow ..

What is it do you look for
in the brook laying low ..
What mischief are you after
but the pain hidden within Van Gogh ..

Where oh where is that wound ..
Where oh where is that sound resounding ..

In a church steeple ..
High in the mountains of Ojai?
Perhaps ..

and perhaps one day
the story will end
and the pages will laugh at your pretty face ..

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Little fairy how little do you love
and how the love consumes your little body ..
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I thought I had posted here before, but I guess not. Here is a link for a page in my store devoted to Amy Brown


My obsession with faeries is growing. I'm working on a very (unintentionally) barbaric pair of wings. I hope I can get the hang of it and get them pretty and feminine looking soon or I'll have to give up hope.

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What do you like about faeries? Everything. The good ones and the bad ones, the mischevious ones and the feisty ones. I have never lost my sense of mystery and imagination and I am a believer, the fae realms are real.

When were you first interested in faeries? As a little girl. I had a big crocheted bedspread and I used to pile some of it up into a little hill, in the hope that I would trap a faery overnight. I wanted one to still be there in the morning for me to see. I've never stopped believing

Any random faerie-related experiences/books/songs/whatever you'd like to share? I love fae artwork, but not twee little flower faeries. I prefer feisty, mysterious and very otherworldly ones. I collect fae are and have a few fae figures.

Favourite books? "Mists of Avalon" by Marion Bradley. I love the chapter in that where she wanders into faeryland

Preferred type of cheese, if any? {Hey, doesn't have to be ALL about the faeries, ;)} Cheddar!

Any random pretty things to share? I make faeries, and also do (very bad) fae and mystical maiden pictures. Check my LJ :) I'm a right little cam whore as well and have been known to put my wings and pixie ears on and play in the woods.

Any name you'd like to be known by? The Hippy Faery- that is my later ego.
Faerie Feelings:
cheerful cheerful
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Little fairy vanishing below ..
where is love to keep you afloat ..
to keep you flowing from living a lie ..
to keep your little heart
to endure a finite of time ..

swirly wings ..
painting songs enrapturing souls but your own
Little pretty fairy
what does a beauty hold
but beneath a foot of a man
so heavily hung low
do you touch his heart
reaching from his mind ..
away from his thoughts ..
and foolish desires suspended on a gate
left closed a second too late ..

Little fairy
how you are filled up with nothing
and in a gleam you wonder
how such a speed can deaden the feet ..
undoing the broken girl
and still you frolic
In silly amazement ..
half a statue and which must you hold ..
which must you touch
to let a story unfold ..
Han's .. or Grimm's ..
or perhaps Ayham's greater whims ..

Stir up your eyes ..
lift up your skirt
and tear of your wings to touch the soft earthly dirt ..
How soft .. How deep will you go ..

Oh little fairy how you too hang ever so low ..
and will you bleeeed feverishly
once you do tell ..
How spinning stories escapes your fantasy
lost in a well ..
Fill a dry well up with love ..
Fill a dry well up with love ..
and stand next to him
and fill a dry well ..
and stand next to him ..
and fill a dry well
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Check out what I have listed here and let me know what you might be interested in!
Wigs Galore!

If this is off topic I apologize.

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If this is off topic I'll remove it!

I have a fairy/butterfly mask listed!! And pointy ears!!!

Look at all the cool costume stuff!!

I'm shameless!

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busy busy
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